19 Jan 2012

BioSil & Biotin Supplements

If you haven’t heard of Silica or Silicon supplements, they are a supplement many people take to improve the look or feel of their hair, skin, and nails. It also makes your bone density stronger, so that’s bonus. :)

Biotin is supposed to have pretty much the same effects in regards to hair. 

Starting Jan.3rd, I’ve been taking Biosil (Silicon + Choline), which apparently helps the Silicon be absorbed better. I’ve also been taking 1000mcg of Biotin daily. 

I wasn’t expecting any immediate results because it’s not supposed to have a huge effect until a few weeks into it. My hair has been on a major growth spurt this past month, everyone’s commenting so it’s not just my imagination. The biggest difference so far that I’ve seen is my EYELASHES! I am so happy. I have always had short-medium length lashes, and I saw a difference after the first week of taking both of them.

Since I’ve been taking both the Biosil and Biotin, I can’t really say what is doing what.. but I recommend purchasing both. The Biosil is a little more expensive ($29), but the Biotin was only $8. 

I will definitely keep you guys posted and let you know if I see any more changes in the next few weeks.

Hope this review helped xo  


  1. its helpful for us


    1. I've been taking Biotin 1000mg for a yr and found my hair and fingernails grow faster though my hair is thinning out maybe because of my age...78. I just started to take Bio-Sil 2caps daily and we'll see in a few months. Thanks for your info

  2. Thanks for the comment! I'm happy it helped! :)

  3. Does it causes breakout?

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